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EV Charging Station Installation

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As our society becomes increasingly environmentally conscious, homeowners and business owners are seeking sustainable ways to reduce their carbon footprint and adapt to greener lifestyles. A prominent shift has been the rise in electric vehicles (EVs). In fact, despite a dip in overall car sales in 2020 due to the pandemic, electric vehicle sales remarkably surged by 43% worldwide that same year, as reported by The Guardian. This boom underscores the escalating demand for EV charging station installations, particularly in homes and businesses where convenience meets necessity.

When it comes to EV charging station installations, professional craftsmanship isn’t an integral requirement. An improperly installed EV charging station could pose safety risks, reduce the lifespan of your charging equipment, or even damage your vehicle. Moreover, with the technical nuances involved in setting up these stations, homeowners and business owners need an electrical service that isn’t just familiar with the process but excels in it.

EV Charging Station Installation

With a rich history and a reputation for excellence, Touchstone Electric stands above the rest in EV charging station installations. We ensure every station is optimized for performance, safety, and longevity. Our team of experienced electricians stays current on the latest trends and technologies in the EV landscape. Our EV charging station installations often exceed industry standards, offering you peace of mind knowing their investment is in the hands of true professionals.

With a commitment to impeccable service and an unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility, Touchstone Electric ensures that your transition to green energy is seamless, efficient, and hassle-free. Choosing us means opting for expertise, reliability, and a greener tomorrow.

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Top Benefits of Our EV Charging Station Installations

Electric vehicles are reshaping the transportation industry, shifting towards greener methods. In stride with this movement, the need for efficient and reliable EV charging station installations has never been more apparent. Touchstone Electric is proud to offer premier EV charging station installations that provide an array of benefits for homeowners and businesses. Let’s delve into the many advantages and benefits of our EV charging stations.

Convenience at Your Doorstep

One of the standout benefits of our EV charging station installations is sheer convenience. With a personalized EV charging station, you can seamlessly recharge overnight, ensuring your vehicle is primed for the day ahead. Moreover, advancements in technology mean many of our stations offer fast-charging capabilities, revitalizing your EV in a fraction of the conventional time.

Busting Range Anxiety

Range anxiety is a genuine concern for many homeowners and business owners. It’s the fear of your EV’s battery depleting before reaching your destination. Our strategically placed and accessible EV charging stations mitigate this worry. With a reliable charging infrastructure, we make EV ownership feasible and enjoyable.

EV Charging Station Installation
EV Charging Station Installation

Economic Advantages

Elevate your savings with our EV charging stations. Electricity is typically more cost-effective than traditional fuels, and longevity of savings can be substantial. In addition, numerous governmental bodies are now offering enticing tax breaks, rebates, and grants for EV charging station installations, alleviating the initial setup cost. Plus, the economic allure becomes undeniable with potential integrations like smartphone applications and home automation for scheduled off-peak charging.

Boosting Property Appeal

In an era rapidly leaning towards EVs, properties equipped with EV charging stations tend to pique interest. Be it potential buyers or renters, an integrated EV charging facility is a modern luxury that many desire, enhancing your property’s appeal and resale value.

Technological Synergy

Our EV charging stations conveniently converge with evolving technologies. Many homeowners relish harmonizing their charging stations with home-based renewable sources, like solar or wind systems. Our stations facilitate this, enabling you to channel nature’s energy directly to your vehicle. Additionally, select stations come equipped to receive over-the-air software updates, ensuring they stay complementary with the latest in tech and security.

Uplifting the Environment

The environmental benefits of EV charging stations are profound. These stations help businesses and homeowners to reduce carbon emissions and promote renewable energy. As more and more adopt these stations into their lives, our society strides towards a cleaner planet.

Safety First with Touchstone Electric

Above all, choosing Touchstone Electric to install your EV charging station ensures safety. Our EV charging station installations are certified and meticulously executed to ensure that your EV’s charging process is not only efficient but unequivocally safe.

Embrace the future of mobility with confidence and let Touchstone Electric be your trusted partner in your EV charging station installation. With us, you’re not just getting a service—you’re securing a promise of quality, reliability, and excellence.

EV Charging Station Installation

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Key Features of Superior EV Charging Stations

At Touchstone Electric, we pride ourselves on delivering top-rate EV charging station installations. In the expanding world of electric vehicles, having an efficient and reliable EV charging station is paramount. As the need for such stations grows, understanding the key features that make an EV charging station exceptional becomes vital. With our leading expertise in the field, let us break down what makes an excellent EV charging station.

EV Charging Station Installation - Power Levels & Speed

Power Levels & Speed

An exemplary EV charging station caters to a wide spectrum of charging needs. Offering various power levels ensures that users can select an optimal charging speed, be it for a quick boost or an overnight rejuvenation.

Universal Compatibility

Universal Compatibility

With a plethora of EV makes and models on the roads today, it’s crucial for an EV charging station to exhibit universal compatibility. This flexibility ensures every EV owner, regardless of their vehicle’s brand, can charge without a hitch.

EV Charging Station Installation - Smart Charging Capabilities

Smart Charging Capabilities

Modern problems require modern solutions. Integrating smart charging capabilities via mobile apps or home automation systems means users can schedule charging, monitor it in real-time, and access usage history, bringing intelligence to the charging experience.

EV Charging Station Installation - Durability & Weather Resistance

Durability & Weather Resistance

Whether nestled indoors or standing firm outdoors, an EV charging station installation should be a testament to durability. By being crafted to withstand diverse weather conditions, its resilience ensures longevity and consistent performance.

EV Charging Station Installation - Safety Features

Safety Features

A top-tier EV charging station prioritizes user safety. It’s equipped with indispensable safety features like overcurrent, overvoltage, and ground-fault protection. Plus, each EV charging station installation needs features like auto shut-off when the battery is fully charged to prevent overcharging and ensure optimal battery health.

EV Charging Station Installation - Connectivity Matters

Connectivity Matters

Whether through Wi-Fi or cellular connections, EV charging stations should be connected with remote monitoring, over-the-air updates, and advanced grid management systems. This connectivity will make the charging process seamless and current.

EV Charging Station Installation - User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

A good user experience is anchored in simplicity. EV charging stations should have clear LED indicators or screens that provide real-time updates on charging status or any potential issues. If the station has touchscreens or keypads, the interface should be intuitive and user-centric.

EV Charging Station Installation - Energy Metering

Energy Metering

Knowledge is power, and understanding energy consumption can be enlightening for EV owners. An adept EV charging station offers energy metering, invaluable for cost calculations or in commercial contexts where users might pay per charge.

EV Charging Station Installation - Vehicle-to-Grid Capability

Vehicle-to-Grid Capability

The future of EV charging stations lies in their ability to give back. With vehicle-to-grid capabilities, stations enable a two-way power flow, allowing vehicles to potentially feed power back to the grid during high-demand times. This transformative feature sees vehicles not just as consumers but also as vital energy storage solutions.

EV Charging Station Installation - Ease of Installation

Ease of Installation

Even with all these stellar features, the EV charging station installation process needs to be hassle-free. Our proficiency at Touchstone Electric ensures that your EV charging station is set up perfectly and ready to serve you for years to come.

At Touchstone Electric, we pride ourselves on delivering top-rate EV charging station installations. In the expanding world of electric vehicles, having an efficient and reliable EV charging station is paramount. As the need for such stations grows, understanding the key features that make an EV charging station exceptional becomes vital. With our leading expertise in the field, let us break down what makes an excellent EV charging station.

Premier & Comprehensive EV Charging Station Installations  •  Home or Business

Step-By-Step EV Charging Station Installation Process

Transitioning to an electric vehicle is a significant step towards sustainable living, but it’s just part of the journey. An EV charging station at your home or business elevates convenience while enhancing the overall EV ownership experience. At Touchstone Electric, our comprehensive installation process ensures you have the perfect EV charging setup to match your lifestyle.

EV Charging Station Installations - Personalized Assessment: Tailored to Your Needs

Personalized Assessment:  Tailored to Your Needs

Every business is unique, and so is every EV charging station installation. Our approach begins with a thorough assessment of your residence.

Site Visit

We start with a site visit to understand the layout of your home or business, paying special attention to where your vehicle is usually parked, the distance to your electrical panel, and the route the wiring will take.

Electrical System Check

We assess your current electrical system to ensure it can handle the added load of an EV charger. This includes checking your panel capacity, circuit load, & potential upgrades.

Location Scouting

We’ll identify the most convenient location for your EV charging station based on your daily routine and parking habits.

Custom Recommendations

After the assessment, we’ll recommend the charger type that best suits your vehicle’s specifications and your personal charging habits.

Expert Install:  Prioritize Safety & Compliance

Once we’ve mapped out the plan, our professional, certified electricians will get down to the actual installation.

Preparation & Setup

We prepare the installation site, ensuring all necessary safety protocols are in place.


Depending on the charger and your property’s electrical capacity, we may run new wiring from your electrical panel to the charger location.

Mounting & Connection

We securely mount the EV charging station and establish all necessary electrical connections, adhering to national and local electrical codes.

Final Touches

We ensure the surroundings of your charging station are clean & aesthetically pleasing.

EV Charging Station Installations - Expert Install: Prioritize Safety & Compliance
EV Charging Station Installations - Rigorous Testing: Ensuring Perfect Operation

Rigorous Testing:  Ensuring Perfect Operation

After the EV charging station installation, we conduct a series of tests to verify everything is in top-notch condition.

Functionality Check

We perform multiple checks to confirm the EV charging station is delivering the expected power output and is communicating correctly with your EV.

Safety Inspection

Our electricians double-check all connections and certify that all safety features are functioning as they should.

Continued Support:  We’re With You All the Way

Our service doesn’t end after installation. We’re committed to ensuring your EV charging station remains in excellent condition.

Regular Check-Ups

We offer ongoing maintenance services, helping to prolong the life of your EV charging station and prevent any future issues.

Prompt Support Service

Should you encounter any issues, our team is ready to assist promptly to resolve any problems and answer any questions you might have.

Continued Support: We’re With You All the Way

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