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Home Generator Installation

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At Touchstone Electric, we understand the critical role that a reliable power supply plays in both homes and businesses. Our home generator installation service is designed to provide uninterrupted power, ensuring comfort, safety, and productivity, even during unexpected power outages. As experts in the field, we are here to guide you through the importance of having a professional home generator installation.

What is a Home Generator?

A home generator acts as a backup power source, seamlessly taking over when the regular power supply fails. It differs significantly from a portable generator in its capacity to power your entire home or business. With our home generator installations, you won’t have to worry about losing power to essential systems like heating and cooling, refrigeration, lighting, and more. This power solution is particularly crucial during extreme weather events or unexpected outages.

Touchstone Electric | Home Generator Installation

The Importance of Professional Installation

Home generator installations aren’t just about placing a unit and turning it on. They involve a thorough assessment of your home’s electrical load, installation of a transfer switch, and safe connection to a fuel source. At Touchstone Electric, our team of certified electricians is equipped to handle every aspect of the home generator installation process. We collaborate with you to determine the most suitable size and type of generator for your specific needs, ensuring a tailored solution. Safety, efficiency, and compliance with local electrical codes are at the forefront of our installation process.

Touchstone Electric brings a blend of experience, professionalism, and customer-focused service to every project. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and our ability to provide solutions that fit the unique needs of both homeowners and businesses. Our team is not just about installing generators; we are about building lasting relationships and ensuring that you have a reliable power source when you need it most.

The Comprehensive Advantages of Touchstone Electric’s Home Generator Installations

Crucial Benefits of Home Generator Installations

Our team at Touchstone Electric specializes in home generator installations that offer unparalleled benefits to homeowners and businesses. We have the right expertise to equip you with a dependable power source tailored to your unique needs. Here, we delve into the top 10 benefits of choosing Touchstone Electric for home generator installations.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Our generators provide an essential uninterrupted power supply during outages. This means that your crucial appliances and systems, like refrigerators, HVAC, and lighting, will continue to function seamlessly, keeping your space running smoothly.

Safety & Security

In times of power loss, our generators keep your security systems powered, safeguarding your property. This is particularly vital during prolonged outages, ensuring the safety and security of your premises.

Touchstone Electric | Home Generator Installation
Touchstone Electric | Home Generator Installation

Convenience & Comfort

We alleviate the discomfort caused by power outages. Our generators maintain the functionality of daily-use appliances and systems, ensuring your life continues without interruption.

Protection of Sensitive Electronics

Our home generator installations provide a stable power source, protecting sensitive electronics from the harmful surges that often accompany the return of power after an outage.

Increase in Home Value

Installing a home generator with Touchstone Electric can increase your property’s value. It’s a forward-thinking addition that appeals to potential buyers who value preparedness and comfort.

Prevention of Flood Damage

For homes with sump pumps, our generators safeguard against flooding during outages, keeping your sump pump active and your basement dry.

Business Continuity for Home Offices

In today’s remote working era, a generator from Touchstone Electric ensures that your home office remains operational, maintaining productivity and professional commitments.

Healthcare Equipment Functionality

For homes with residents relying on electrically powered medical devices, our generators ensure these life-saving machines continue to operate during power outages.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your home or business will remain functional during a power outage provides significant peace of mind. This is especially important in areas frequently affected by power outages.

Touchstone Electric | Home Generator Installation

Energy Independence

In some places, particularly those integrated with renewable energy sources, our generators can reduce your dependence on the grid. This not only contributes to energy independence but also aligns with sustainable living practices.

Investing in a home generator installation is more than addressing the immediate inconvenience of power outages. It’s about ensuring long-term safety, comfort, and security while potentially increasing the value of your property and contributing to energy independence. Whether for a residential home or a business, the benefits of having a backup power system are clear and comprehensive. Let us empower your home or business with our expertly done home generator installations.

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There Can Be Dire Consequences Because of Power Outages

The Perils of Power Outages Without a Home Generator

In a modern society where our lives are increasingly dependent on electricity, power outages pose significant challenges for both homeowners and businesses. As reported by Climate Central, power outages have risen with a 64% increase from 2011 to 2021 compared to the previous decade, which only underscores the growing necessity for home generators. Let’s discuss the many problems caused by power outages and how a lack of a home generator installation from Touchstone Electric can amplify these issues.

Touchstone Electric | Home Generator Installation

Food Spoilage

One of the immediate impacts of a power outage is food spoilage. Without electricity, refrigerators and freezers cease functioning, leading to perishable items going bad. This results in substantial food waste and financial loss, particularly during prolonged outages.

Loss of Heating or Cooling

In extreme weather conditions, the absence of heating or air conditioning can create not just discomfort but potentially dangerous living environments. This is especially true for vulnerable groups such as the elderly or those with certain health conditions.

Security Concerns

Security systems often fail during power outages, increasing the risk of break-ins or vandalism. The absence of lighting can further elevate the risk of accidents and injuries.

Disruption to Daily Activities

Power outages can severely disrupt daily life, affecting activities like cooking, cleaning, and leisure. The overall quality of life takes a hit, with basic comforts and routines being upended.

Safety Hazards

The use of candles or other temporary light sources during outages increases the risk of fire. Improper use of portable generators or heating devices can also pose carbon monoxide dangers.

Halted Business Operations

For businesses, a power outage can mean a complete halt in operations. This leads to a loss of revenue and productivity while also damaging the reputation, especially if customers are affected.

Inability to Use Medical Equipment

Crucial medical equipment requiring electricity, such as oxygen concentrators, becomes non-functional during outages. This poses serious health risks for individuals dependent on these devices.

Risks of Water Damage

Homes with sump pumps are at risk of flooding and water damage if the pump fails during an outage, particularly during heavy rainfall.

Increased Expenses

Extended outages may require seeking alternative accommodations or purchasing additional resources to cope with the lack of power.

Loss of Communication

Outages can disrupt home internet and the charging of mobile devices, cutting off vital communication lines with emergency services or family.

Stress & Anxiety

The uncertainty and inconvenience of power outages can lead to increased stress and anxiety, affecting mental well-being.

Education Disruptions

For households with students, power outages can interrupt online learning and homework, impacting the quality of their education.

The absence of a reliable backup power source like a home generator can expand the problems caused by power outages. From safety concerns to disrupted business operations, the impact is far-reaching. A home generator installation is a vital step in securing yourself against the many challenges of power outages. With Touchstone Electric by your side, you can trust that whatever storm rolls in your power will be protected.

Power Solutions Compared: Home Generators vs. Portable Generators

Home Generators vs Portable Generators

When ensuring uninterrupted power for your home or business, choosing the right generator is crucial. Understanding the differences between home generators and portable generators will help you make an informed decision. At Touchstone Electric, we understand the vitality of safety and efficiency when it comes to generators. Let’s review why our home generator installations excel beyond the limits of their portable counterparts every time.

Home Generators (Standby)

At Touchstone Electric, we offer exceptional home generators (also known as standby generators) that thrive in safety, power, and more. Here’s a breakdown of the key distinctions and why our home generator installations often emerge as the superior choice.

Touchstone Electric | Home Generator Installation

Power Capacity & Output: Home generators are designed for high power output, capable of powering an entire home or business. This makes them ideal for comprehensive power backup solutions.

Installation & Placement: These generators are permanently installed and are connected directly to your home’s electrical system. They require professional home generator installation and are typically placed on a stable foundation outside the home.

Fuel Source: Most commonly run on natural gas, propane, or diesel, many home generators are connected to the home’s existing natural gas supply, providing a continuous fuel source.

Operation & Automation: Equipped with automatic transfer switches, home generators start automatically during a power outage and shut off when power is restored. This automation offers a seamless transition to backup power, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Cost & Maintenance: While more expensive upfront due to the unit and installation cost, home generator installations are generally more durable and require less frequent refueling and maintenance compared to portable generators. They also require professional maintenance.

Safety & Reliability: Standby generators are safer, thanks to professionally done home generator installations, which reduce the risk of carbon monoxide exposure and other safety hazards.

Increased Property Value: Home generator installations can increase the value of your property and are an attractive feature for potential buyers.

Home generators offer essential features to both homeowners and businesses to keep power operations running efficiently. With Touchstone Electric’s home generator installation services, your power supply will be perfectly protected for years to come.

Portable Generators

Another popular form of backup power is portable generators. These generators may have a lower price tag, but their pitfalls may not be worth the saved extra dollars. Let’s look at the key differences of portable generators compared to our top-notch home generators.

Power Capacity & Output: Portable generators have lower power output and are typically used for powering specific appliances or tools during short-term outages.

Installation & Placement: These generators are mobile and don’t require professional installation. They can be placed outdoors but should never be used indoors due to carbon monoxide risks.

Fuel Source: Portable generators are usually gasoline-powered, though some models use diesel, propane, or natural gas.

Operation & Automation: They require manual start-up and operation, need to be turned on and off manually, and connected to appliances or systems via extension cords.

Cost & Maintenance: Portable generators are less expensive initially and have lower installation costs. However, they may require more frequent maintenance and fuel refills. Storing fuel and refueling can be inconvenient and hazardous.

Noise & Emissions: Tend to be noisier and produce more emissions, which can be a concern, especially in residential areas.

Safety Risks: They pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if not used in well-ventilated areas.

Touchstone Electric | Home Generator Installation

While portable generators may be suitable for temporary or specific power needs, home generators offer a more robust, safe solution for comprehensive power backup. Their automation, safety features, and ability to power entire homes or businesses make them an ideal choice for those seeking seamless operation during power outages.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Touchstone Electric’s Generator Installation Process”

Our Home Generator Installation Process

Installing a home generator is critical in ensuring a constant power supply for your home or business. At Touchstone Electric, our process for providing home generator installations is thorough, professional, and tailored to meet your specific needs.

Here’s an overview of our step-by-step approach:

1. Electrical Load Assessment

Our process begins with a thorough electrical load assessment of your home. This crucial first step involves calculating the total electrical load of all appliances, lights, and other devices. By understanding your home’s power requirements, we can determine the appropriate size for your generator, ensuring it meets your needs during a power outage without being excessively large or expensive.

2. Generator Selection

Based on the electrical load assessment, we select the most suitable generator for your home. This selection considers the size of your home, the number of electrical devices, and the level of power required during an outage. Our expertise ensures you get a generator that aligns perfectly with your power needs.

3. Transfer Switch Installation

The next step involves installing a transfer switch, which is essential for safely connecting the generator to your home’s electrical panel. This switch prevents the dangerous back-feeding of power into utility lines, ensuring the safety of electrical workers and your property.

Touchstone Electric | Home Generator Installation
Touchstone Electric | Home Generators Installations

4. Electrical Wiring

We then connect the generator to the transfer switch using electrical wiring. This wiring is meticulously done, adhering to all local building codes and safety regulations. Our experienced electricians ensure that every connection is secure and compliant.

5. Fuel Source Connection

Generators typically run on propane, natural gas, or diesel. We establish a connection to your chosen fuel source, ensuring the generator has a steady and continuous supply. This step is critical for the generator’s efficiency and long-term dependability.

6. Generator Testing

Finally, once the installation is complete, we conduct thorough testing of the generator. This makes certain that it operates correctly and is ready to provide power to your home during an outage. Our testing process is rigorous, ensuring that every aspect of the generator’s performance meets our high standards.

At Touchstone Electric, we pride ourselves on delivering a stress-free installation experience. Our team of professional electricians is committed to providing top-tier service, ensuring that your generator installation is done right the first time. With our expertise, you can rest assured that you’ll have a reliable power backup solution ready to tackle any power outage with ease.

Trust Touchstone Electric for Premier Home Generator Installations

Choose Touchstone Electric for Expert Home
Generator Installations

When it comes to efficient home generator installations, Touchstone Electric stands out as the go-to expert. Our commitment to quality, coupled with our professional team of electricians, ensures that every installation is performed to the highest standards.

Here’s why choosing us means opting for unparalleled service and satisfaction:

Expertise & Professionalism

Touchstone Electric is renowned for its team of seasoned electricians who bring extensive expertise to every project. Our 5-star electrical services are a testament to our dedication to excellence. We believe in providing transparent pricing, eliminating any surprises, and building trust with our clients.

Dedication to Quality & Customer Satisfaction

Quality is at the core of everything we do. We understand that a home generator installation is a significant investment for your comfort and security. Our approach to each installation is meticulous, ensuring every component functions seamlessly. Our commitment extends to customer satisfaction—we are not happy until you are.

Comprehensive Electrical Services

Our expertise goes beyond home generator installations. Touchstone Electric offers a wide array of electrical services, including electrical panel upgrades, electrical repairs, electric meter box installations, house rewiring, and more. Our ability to handle diverse electrical needs makes us a resourceful choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

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